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Nature's Generator

Anyone who loves camping or has been in a blackout has probably considered buying a generator. But a typical gas-powered generator is noisy, costs a lot to run, and spews pollution. That’s why we’re intrigued by Nature’s Generator, which makes solar generators that are really more like big batteries that charge via solar panels, wind turbine, or wall socket. The 1800-watt unit with a solar panel is $1000 (around twice the cost of a traditional gas-guzzling generator; the wind turbine costs about $500 extra). Fortunately, you'll get 10% off by entering code BLUEDOT10 at checkout. You also won’t have the cost or hassle of gas. Plus, a solar generator runs silently and without fossil fuels. We haven’t tried Nature’s Generator, but we’ve read that they’re very reliable and clearly more environmentally friendly. We also like that the systems can be expanded. 

While a small, portable solar generator would not qualify for a solar rebate, Nature’s Generator also sells larger systems for the home that may qualify for the 30% federal tax rebate as well as state incentives. For more information, look to the Department of Energy's Financing and Incentives page.