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Lettuce Grow Farmstand

Lettuce Grow makes hydroponic gardens for home use that allow people to grow produce indoors year-round. Built in the United States from recycled plastic milk jugs, these app-connected Farmstands offer digital guidance but deliver the satisfaction of home-grown food. The indoor-only Farmstand Nook has integrated LEDs, room for 20 seedlings, and requires just a two-by-two-foot patch of floor space. Indoor/outdoor Farmstands come in additional sizes and can be customized with additional levels and LED Glow Rings. The company offers over 200 varieties of non-GMO, mostly organic seedlings. Lettuce Grow sends its seedlings out in plastic, which is disappointing. But if Lettuce Grow owners buy fewer clamshell-packed lettuces and herbs, it’s a win. All in all, the Farmstand is an exciting option for people looking to grow more food, more often. It also makes a great project for children, and Lettuce Grow donates Farmstands to schools across the country.


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