Seven Brands to Cozy Up In When It Gets Cold Outside


From regenerative alpaca to recycled polyester

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One spring day, as a college senior in St. Louis, Missouri, I checked the weather and saw that I was in for a wild ride. I brought a parka and an umbrella to campus, despite it being 67 degrees and sunny around 10:30 am; three hours later, I looked out my class window to see snow falling on the quad. Many students seemed alarmed, and I could see some running through the snow in shorts and tee-shirts. Happily, I wouldn’t be joining their ranks. I was ready and, I’ll admit, a little smug. I do love to be prepared.

According to, this year will generally be much snowier than last, at least here in the Northeast. And while I’ve always had that Jewish Mother tendency to tell people to bring a sweater, I’ve never had the pleasure of telling tens of thousands of people all at once. Today is my lucky day. Bundle up, I say! 

Before we get into the main list, I’ll draw your attention to a few brands I like but haven’t yet reviewed in detail (stay tuned). There’s Montana-based Duckworth, which offers quality clothes made with wool from American sheep; Menique, which makes affordable, organic merino sets for kids; Jenni Kayne, who’s known for a cashmere cardigan so luxe it makes me swoon every time I wear it (give one to someone special, and size down); and Naadam, which makes ethical, accessible cashmere.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten your pup! Alqo Wasi makes super-soft alpaca dog sweaters, while Chilly Dog’s hand-knit organic wool dog sweaters are thick and seriously warm (they also knit doggy Halloween costumes!). My Finley likes wearing both brands. Speaking of dogs and wool, my top gift this year is handmade in Massachusetts, and you’ll have to order now to get one in time for the holidays. Artisan Emily Willcut makes custom Little Wool Dogs that are incredibly lifelike. Little Winston, a tiny version of my dad and and stepmother’s dog, took her nearly 10 hours to create. We texted back and forth until even his tongue and nose color were perfect. The process was a joy, the result perfection.

Lots more great stuff for humans below. 

Stay warm, and happy shopping! 

–Elizabeth Weinstein, Marketplace Editor

Let's Bundle Up In …

A woman with black hair wears an elegant, cream-colored coat going nearly to her ankles over a long black dress and black ankle-height boots.

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher might be the most responsible designer we know, and I love that her clothes never go out of style. The Doubleface Recycled Wool Cloud Hooded Coat is the piece I want to add to my winter wardrobe. For women. 

A woman with curly wears an orange t-shirt and a bright blue jacket with light and bright orange stripes.


Cotopaxi makes distinctive outerwear and bags from recycled materials, so some pieces are one of a kind. If I were shopping for a kid, a cool outdoorsy person, or just someone fun, I’d start here. For men, women, and kids.

A blonde person wears black jeans, a cream- and black-horizontal-striped zip-up knit sweater, and an unbuttoned olive-green puffer vest.

Everlane Apparel

Everlane has a model of  “radical transparency” and shares production costs and manufacturing info for every item it makes, including responsible down puffers and cozy-yet-chic beanies. For men and women.

A woman with bright blue eyes is wearing a black hooded jacket with the hood up, with the brand logo Patagonia on the jacket.


I remember sitting on a beach in Santa Barbara in the mid-’90s when my cool, bigger-kid friend told me that her super-soft fleece was made from old water bottles. Patagonia continues to innovate and impress. For men, women, and kids.

A woman wearing a thick woolen cream-colored sweater leans against a tree with sunlight streaming down behind her.

Christy Dawn Apparel

One Bluedotter raves that Christy Dawn’s clothing “just makes you feel like a girl.” Dawn’s best known for dresses, but we love her sumptuous collection of alpaca wool sweaters. For women.

A man wearing sunglasses, a beige corduroy shirt, and white t-shirt, stands on a cliff above a beach.

Outerknown Apparel

Outerknown makes lots of great apparel, but their crowning achievement is the organic cotton twill Blanket Shirt, which doubles as a jacket. Bluedot’s founder calls it, simply, “perfect.” For men and women. 

A man wears a rust-colored, long-sleeved merino wool shirt from Nui.

Nui Merino Wool

New Zealand-based Nui Organics makes merino clothing for the entire family. We love their layering pieces and the attractive, earthy shades like kelp, lichen, rust, and ochre. For men, women, and kids.

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Elizabeth Weinstein
Elizabeth Weinstein
Elizabeth Weinstein, Bluedot’s Marketplace Editor, lives in Manhattan with her husband; papillon Finley; and cats SanDeE* and Modell. When she’s not asking the folks at Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom to try on their most sustainable sneakers in a size 9½, she can be found at the Union Square Greenmarket or gardening on her rooftop terrace.
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